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Sawyer and Knox Sullivan. AKA: The Double Dirty. With a nickname like that, it's no wonder they're the top requested male escorts at Hunks For Hire. Andie Norris knows better than anyone to steer clear of the kinky bastards, thanks to her mom, who co-runs Hunks For Hire. But the dirty duo's wild exploits are the perfect inspiration for Andie's naughty comic web series and the forbidden fuel for her secret fantasies. Fantasies she gets to live out week after week...and no one will ever know.

Hands off--it's the unspoken rule between Knox and Sawyer when it comes to Andie. Pushing things past the flirt zone is only asking for trouble. For starters, her mom would kill them. And rightfully so. They'd have to be the biggest a-holes alive to corrupt Andie with a hot, filthy threesome. But apparently that's exactly what they're doing, if the rumors about her web serial are true...and if so? All bets are off. Andie is about to find out that when it comes to the Double Dirty, there's no substitute for the real deal.

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Follow up to Cat Scratch Fever

Commitment—a four letter word in Shane Morgan’s book. Forsake his blissful wolf bachelorhood to shackle himself to one woman? Hell, might as well neuter him while you’re at it. He’s avoided the mate bond his whole life and has no plans of changing that status. Ever. Particularly not for a prissy and bossy lynx shifter who smells like his favorite meal.

When he’s tasked with playing live-in bodyguard to Kinsey Prescott—aforementioned delectable midnight snack—his resolve is hit with the ultimate test. Their forced close quarters have him questioning his sanity and willpower. And that’s before Kinsey goes into heat.

Werewolves. Can’t live with them, for damn sure. They shed, leave the toilet seat up, and have a bad habit of walking around in the buff. That last part is especially irksome, considering how Shane is built like a sex god... and she’s on a strict diet of abstinence when it comes to players. After seeing firsthand the heartache her mom went through being married to one, Kinsey wants no part of it.

Now if only her hormones would get on board with that plan.

Repressed desires and insatiable appetites collide, and Kinsey and Shane don’t stand a chance of resisting the urge to take a big ole lusty bite out of each other. But with a dangerous enemy threatening Kinsey’s safety, her heart isn’t the only thing on the line. Her entire survival is at stake. And one alpha werewolf Casanova will have to race against time to save her.


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